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We specialize in the development of intuitive and succesful mobile Apps for startups and enterprise clients. Our Startapp Sprint methodology is designed to land and validate ideas before the first line of code is written. Our designers, consultants and developers are here to help you launch the best solution for your users.





Startapp Sprint


Full Design UX/UI


App Development


Web Development


Marketing Strategy



  • Discovery

    Together we´ll identify the value proposition, the most important features, the user journey and draft the design.

  • Prototype UX/UI

    From the draft, our designing team will deploy the complete wireframe of the App or software, design the most important interfaces and develop a high-fidelity prototype*.

    *if needed we´ll design the identity for the prototype

  • Validation

    With the prototype, the functionality and intuitiveness of the design will be validated through user tests.

    A landing page will be developed to validate the idea with a social media digital marketing campaign.

    The business model will be validated through our mathematical simulation tool.

  • Full Design UX/UI

    We´ll design every interface ready for development knowing exactly what you are going to get at the launch.

  • Development

    With our Agile approach, the project will be planned into small and flexible sprint deliverables.

  • Launch

    When the software is ready and tested, our team will take care of all the technical necessary processes to launch.

  • Maintainance

    Maintenance and updates are necessary for successful software. We are always ready to provide the best follow-up service as if we were part of your internal team.

  • Brand Definition

    Now it´s time to sell. To start, we´ll define the brand promise and it´s communication pillars.

  • Market Definition

    Having defined our promise, we´ll identify the target market and the global and local market tends, research about market innovation & opportunities and pinpoint your brand innovation & it´s differentiation stage.

  • Strategy Definition

    In order to develop the best strategy, first, we´ll design the customer journey of interaction around your brand and understand the business know-how and insights. At the end we will have the marketing strategy ready for the launch.

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Matt 303 software

Ubicuo Tech is 303 Software's go to development partner because they are reliable, communicative, and highly skilled.

CEO at 303 Software and President for Entrepreneurs
Organization´s Colorado chapter, EOCO.

Martha Hernandez MadeBos

I am so excited to work with the Ubicuo team. As a bootstrapped entrepreneur with limited tech skills and resources, Ubicuo has been key in positioning, validating and developing our software solution. Prior to deciding on Ubicuo I met with several highly visible organizations but what made me want to work with the Ubicuo team was not only their value alignment (they truly get our mission and showed passion for helping us solve the internal talent funnel problem) but also their areas of expertise. We are now expanding our relationship and looking at other ways to support each other's bottom line.

Founder and CEO at madeBos.

About us

What we do Ubicuo Tech

We are a Mexican company focused on delivering the best software solutions for mobile apps and web/responsive development. We like to get involved to the projects as much as our clients allow us.

Our Startapp Sprint process is designed to give our clients the tools to invest in a more secure way to assure the success of their business.

Our own projects are focused on mobile apps that empower citizens for the improvement of their surroundings using the Smart Cities set of mind.

We are based in Guadalajara, the Tech-booming city of LATAM and second largest in México. Host city for Ciudad Creativa Digital.
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What we do Ubicuo Tech
What we do Ubicuo Tech

We are managing the City2City relationship between the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara and the city of Denver, Colorado.

We were chosen by the U.S. Government of state in 2016 to represent México through the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) program.
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We work together with 303 Software, a 10+ years of experience Denver, Colorado based company.
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What we do Ubicuo Tech

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