People and culture

Organization Development

Employe Development

We help you create a people first culture (values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviours) through transparency, collectiveness and empowerment.

We analyze existing HR policies and align them with people-first organizational & employee development practices.


a. Review employee policies and practices

b. Propose culture aligned procedures

c. Review and align employee handbook

We review people operations workflow step-by-step, procedures, structures and systems.

We realign each to fit business realities & goals and develop a plan to implement the recommended changes.


a. Structure organization design with clear leadership expectations to increase management and individual accountability

b. Analyze grade & pay design to meet market demand

c. Review all job grade levels and identify minimum requirements + basic day to day job functions

d. Align job descriptions

We increase efficiency in hiring, promotion and retention as well as ensure a diversified, highly-effective, and people-first process.


a. Ensure all processes and practices are federal, state and county compliant.

b. Standardize recruitment and selection practices.

c. Review document retention practices.

Review the organization's socialization of new and promoted employees to ensure inclusive integration into the organization and its culture.


a. Review current practices (all employee types).

b. Implement culture aligned onboarding plan.

c. Design step by step 30, 60, 90 engagement plan.

We create a blueprint for organization and employee success by mapping available and necessary cross-functional talent and skills.


a. Identify competency industry and culture fit.

b. Design by grade competency alignment.

We implement employer and employee driven technology. Our employer software solution meets immediate talent needs and predicts future of work demands. Our employee web app connects employees to opportunity on a massive scale.


a. Competency questionnaire.

b. Career paths.

c. Integrated completion resources.

d. Internal communication (celebrations, praises, endorsements, evaluations, etc.).

e. Data analysis.

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